About Nityia Photography

Hi! I’m Nityia.

I love supporting men and women to feel confident and beautiful in the world. A professional photographer, website designer, and digital strategist for over 15 years, I value the importance of your ‘personal brand’ in all aspects of how you show up.  I’m friendly, enthusiastic, and sincere, putting most people immediately at ease. I see beauty in the world all around me and that includes the people who step in front of my camera.  I appreciate the vulnerability of really being “seen” and aim to make your photography experience positive from start to finish.

In my personal life, I’m super active and healthy. I love carving up fresh powder on my snowboard and leaping into cold lakes in the summer.  I’m a lifelong learner- diving into books, podcasts, and online learning. This is the same passion, enthusiasm, and working my craft that I bring to my work at Nityia Photography.

I can help you with business headshots, branding photography, social media photography, online dating photos, or photos for your next event.

It would be my pleasure to work with you and help you look GREAT online!

I’m proud to have earned The Portrait Masters Associate Level Photographer Accreditation.