Seattle Portrait Photographer

My love of  photography solidified in the late 90’s when I was traveling in India and Southeast Asia with a little film camera tucked in my blue backpack. How could I not be captivated by the visual feast that was unfolding for my eyes everyday? With the backdrop of exotic cultures and stunning landscapes, I began honing in on people – their expressions of joy, triumph, heartache or loss and everything in between that makes up life.  I fell in love with capturing sacred moments between people and with ones self. My camera became the doorway of deeper connection with the person and their story.

After two years of travel I landed back in Seattle and dove into a technology program studying website design and photography. Emotional connection, visual beauty and photography have always  been a constant thread in the weave.  I love the energy of people and connections. I am stealth at capturing the “in between moments” when authentic emotion shows its face in many forms – a tear, a smirk, a giggle or laughing fit. I am honored to be part of that moment.

I’ve been photographing fabulous women, couples, corporate and private events since 2005. My work has been published in books and national magazines and I continue to delight in commemorating  life with my clients.

My current focus is on personal branding photography and creating portraits for a solid social media brand and online visual presence. Photography plays a big role in my NityiaDesign, Personal Branding and Photography business. If you need a responsive website and business brand images, check out my website design services.

When I was traveling in India I was studying at an ashram. The teacher told us that most Indian names had a meaning, so when you spoke that name it was a mantra or vibration you put forth into the world. Nityia (Ni tyah) means ‘Eternal’.

With my photography- I have the opportunity to create art for women, lovers, mothers, daughters, families and friends that embodies that same quality.

Give me a call or EMAIL ME if you’d like to talk about a photography session to capture your perfect moment right now.