Paper Dresses – Auburn Storefronts


Paper Dresses ( Vesitidos de Papel), is a series of three life size adult dresses designed and worn as part of the 2011 PLOP! Performance Series in Beunos Aires in created by Josie Davis in collaboration with Ceci Jazmin and Florenencia Aliaga. The dresses were photographed in downtown Auburn, Washington as part of the Storefronts Auburn Project- an experimentation in activating vacant space with art and creative enterprise.Our models strolled along the downtown streets and interacted with local residents. The dresses are meant to delight your imagination and inspire your creativity!

The dresses are currently on display in a storefront window. Large scale photographs (3’x5′) are suspended inside the space and giving depth and dimension and to the exhibit.

Paper Dresses is on display from  May 15 – August 15, 2012 • 123 E Main Street, Auburn WA

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