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Portfolio Highlight: Brand Photography for Diana Cortez-Yanez

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Portfolio Highlights | 0 comments

In recognition of National Suicide Prevention month, I’m highlighting Diana Cortez-Yanez.

I previously had the opportunity to work on brand photography for Diana Cortez-Yanez’s website and social media. Diana Cortez-Yanez offers survivor-informed suicide prevention training and guidance. As a multiple attempt survivor, Diana has made it her mission to help healthcare providers, institutions, and families to navigate the complexities of life’s darkest moments.

Diana is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer and she wanted to take her business to the next level by increasing her online presence with a new website design and increased social media messaging.  I worked with Diana to create a set of professional headshots and lifestyle photographs that would fully express the compassion and professionalism of her brand.  After our brand photography session, I designed and built Diana’s new website using inspiration from the photo session. The vibe of her new photos was distinctly warm, open, and very authentic.

Her new website, DianaCSpeaks.com has become a very effective platform and tool for promoting her speaking and training sessions.  Diana has had some very high profile speaking engagements and we wanted to highlight her experience and credibility on the home page.  Diana is also specifically committed to working with and helping the Latino community, we made access to messaging specifically for Spanish speakers.

Diana specifically expressed that having new business headshots that she loves made her feel more confident to reach out and connect with new clients.  Her new headshots are a beautiful representation of brave woman doing powerful and courageous work in the world.

Below are some examples of how I used the brand photography for Diana Cortez-Yanez for branded promotions for her new Instagram account. If you are interested in a photography session for your your website or social media, you can contact me here.


Brand Photography for Diana Cortez-Yanez: Branded Social Media Photo Examples


Brand Photography for Diana Cortez-Yanez - Portfolio Example Nityia Photography
Brand Photography for Diana Cortez Yanez - Social Media Image Example for Zero Suicide Institute Nityia Photography
Brand Photography for Diana Cortez Yanez - Branded Social Media Example Nityia Photography