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Headshots with Personality! How to Add Personality To Your Headshots

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Photography Tips | 0 comments

Create connection- let your personality *shine* in your headshot photography sessions!

Wondering how you can add personality to your headshots? When you step in front of the camera for your business or social media headshot session….  Be You.  Authenticity is easy to spot and is incredibly inviting.  Gone are the days of stiff and stuffy business portraits and headshots, now it’s about showing off your unique style and personality.  Social media profiles are one of the first connection points in your online presence – make it a good one!

HOW can you add personality to your headshots?

How you add personality to your headshots depends on your unique style, but no matter what you’re style is you can use these tips to look your best and let your personality shine through in your new headshots.

1. Choose clothing that makes you feel your absolute best. We all have a favorite top, pair of jeans, dress, or a jacket that just makes us feel super awesome and on our game.  Consider fabrics, pattern and textures that look and feel “like you” – bright and bold, subdued and sophisticated, rich and luxurious.  When you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, your body language will translate as relaxed, comfortable, and confident in your photos.

2. Accessories– small but mighty! A favorite ring, a bold necklace, a cool belt, unique earrings, or a statement wristwatch.  It’s all in the details of small things that ‘hint’ at your style + give you an inner boost to be yourself.

Those are the external factors, your internal compass is equally if not more important.

3. Natural body language – if you feel nervous or unsure in front of the camera, close your eyes and imagine you are meeting with a favorite friend or family member.  How would you greet them? What would your stance be.  Imagine you are chatting with the guys or your pack of girlfriends- how would stand, lean in or shift your body weight? Landing in those natural stances can help your personality come through in photos.

4. Expressions– Play with a variety of expressions for your headshot photos.  If you find your face landing on ‘auto-smile’, dig in to find a different layer of smile or expression.  Again, close your eyes and conjure up the thought that opens the horizon of your expression- “I know a secret” or ” wait until I tell you…” or ” don’t you wish you knew!?”

5. “Fake laughs” lead to REAL smiles–  if your face feels like it lands on the same expression, shake off the stagnation with a fake laugh.  Yes- it can feel ridiculous in the moment, but the results often lead to a real smile.  And honestly, the more you let yourself rip into the fake laugh, the better the resulting expression.  This is when your guard drops, your body softens, and a full-on expression of who you are shines through.   You can try this same tip with “cheering someone on”.  How would you do that? With a gregarious fist bump? and two handed whistle? or a huge enthusiastic smile?  Whatever it is, the magic happens in the moments just after your silly expression.  This is also a great way to shake off nerves and let your whole body and face relax.

6. Conjure your superpowers!  We all have an arena where we naturally thrive, excel, and are our best selves.  Allow yourself to drop into those zones of genius and express yourself from that place.  Whether it’s leading and inspiring your team, presenting to a group, solving a problem, fixing something or being a super parent– step into that vibe where you feel *large and in charge* and let those expressions come out.   The looser, more relaxed you can be in front of the camera, the more authentic and expressive your headshot and social media photos will be.


If you need to update your headshots and want to work with a headshot photographer that can help you add your personality to your photos, reach out.  I’d love to chat about helping you feel comfortable, look great and add your personality to your new headshot photos! 


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