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Dating Photos for Introverts

by | Apr 1, 2021 | Online dating photos | 0 comments

Are you a more quiet, reserved type of person and feeling nervous about being in front of the camera for your online dating photos?

If your style is a bit more subdued and introverted it can feel overwhelming to consider dating photos. But having great online dating photos is key to making connections with people you want to meet and date.

I can highlight the thoughtful side of your personality, with a warmth and openness that will attract your ideal person.

With a little warming up and coaxing you’ll soon begin to relax and forget that there is a lens in front of you. As your dating photographer, I enjoy getting to know you and your personality. We’ll stroll and chat as I keep my eye out for interesting backgrounds and gorgeous light. Before you know it, a relaxation and ease settles into your body and the process becomes fun, light hearted and creative.

If you’re not a “big smiles” type of person- that’s okay, there is a still a way to evoke the “smile within”. The energy of this internal feeling will translates through body language, a twinkle in your eye and a softness around your mouth. How do you rally that feeling? Think about cuddles with your pet, the warmth of hugging a dear friend, the goofiness of your children, the comfort of a delicious soup, the time your boss gave you a huge compliment, the joy of making someone else happy…. These thoughts can help your body relax and begin to evoke natural and authentic responses. As the feelings arise, we can capture them in photos.

As your dating photographer, I’ll cue up the thoughts and help you drop into places of natural relaxation and expression.

If you want to learn more about how I can help you look GREAT for your online photos, EMAIL me to start a convo!