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Dressing for online dating photos- Men

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Online dating photos | 0 comments

A very common question from men preparing for an online dating photo session is “what do I wear?!”  The answer depends on you and your personal style. But a great place to start is, what do you feel comfortable wearing and how do you want to present yourself to potential dates?  Are you a super casual outdoorsy guy, an urban hipster, sharp and stylie or a mix of a few?   If you can’t pinpoint your style, look in your closet and consider what you’d wear for a first coffee date and then for a date when you want to make a great impression.  What makes you *feel good* and on top of your game when you wear it?

I always suggest to work bring layers and create a few different looks from casual to more dressed up.   A nice fitting t-shirt can be a great start, in general avoid distracting logos and shirts that are overly ‘boxy’.  Plaid shirts or a colored button up is another great option – colors work really well in making your photos pop.  Choose a nice fitting jacket, hoodie or sport coat…. depending on your personal style.

Your dating profile photos should showcase the type of person you are and with openness and quality of connection.  The idea is to create sparks of interest and get you noticed on the dating apps!   Are you to date your online dating photos to the next level?  Email me and let’s talk about making you look and feel GREAT!