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Headshot Photography for Garden Beauties

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Business Headshots | 0 comments

Your business headshot can be a colorful, creative expression appropriate to your industry

I recently photographed new business headshots for the fabulous team at the The Artful Garden- Landscape Design and Maintenance. This team of women are passionate about creating gorgeous, plant focused outdoor living spaces and garden “rooms”.  Led by the talented Sue Dickson, these women work with their clients to transform yards and gardens into gorgeous outdoor sanctuaries.

It was an obvious choice to photograph their headshots in a lush, beautiful garden AND to evoke a sense of playfulness and connection to the nature.  Each woman was encouraged to grab their “go to” gardening tool or a sprig of their favorite plant and relax into their natural environment.  The results captured the personalities of each horticulturist and genuinely reflects the work they do.  It’s always a JOY to capture the passion and purpose of someone doing what they love.


Seeds and Gardens,
by R.H. Swaney

If words are seeds, 

let flowers grow 

from your mouth,

not weeds. 

If heart are gardens, 

plant those flowers

in the chest of the ones

who exist around you. 

If you are ready to update your business headshot and lifestyle photography, think about how you can creatively express your industry, passion and purpose.


– Are there any props you can use to enhance the messaging of your brand?

– What attire works best to show “how you do what you do”?

– Use of color and texture: Be BOLD and brave to break out of norms and stand out from the crowd

– Psych yourself UP – mentally prepare yourself to be 1000% authentic in the expression who you are and what you do.  This takes courage and a willingness to show up in all your realness…. and when you do, people will notice.

– Genuine authenticity is hard to ignore, aim for that and your headshot photos will connect with your ideal audience.


If you’re ready for to update the business headshots for your small, creative business, hit me up I’d love to brainstorm how to make you look GREAT online!