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How to rock a t-shirt in dating photos for men

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Dating photos for Men, Online dating photos, Photo Tips | 0 comments

YES- you can rock a t-shirt in your photos for online dating apps. It’s all about fit and color.

  A nice fitting t-shirt is a way to show off a casual, more relaxed side of your personality. If done right, it can look super stylish and create conversation openers.   A slim fitting black t-shirt can show-off your nice arms and chest.  If you have arm tattoos a t-shirt will show off your body art.  Solid black or dark gray work nicely for black and white photos with a bit more of an urban/artsy feel.

Another thing to remember is color. If you have blue or hazel colored eyes a lighter blue or sage green shirt can really make your eyes pop.  If you have darker colored skin, maroon, rust or white creates a nice contrast.  In general, solid colors work better than brands or labels

However, a shirt with your favorite band or catchy phrase on it can serve as a conversation starter.  If you pair it with a nice pair of jeans and shoes, it can be a great look. A t-shirt photo can be a nice addition to your overall set of dating photos, especially if it is paired with dating photos that show a variety of clothing choices.

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