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Preparing for your dating headshot photo session

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Online dating photos, Photo Tips, Seattle dating photographer | 0 comments

Woo-Hoo! you’re ready to put your best face forward and elevate your online dating game with professional photos! The process can be really fun and rewarding with a little preparation and a lot of great attitude.

Professional dating photos position you as a high value, confident person.

It shows you are willing to invest in meeting an equally high quality person. Great dating photos will attract attention and get you noticed online.

As you step in front of the camera, you want to look and feel your best, so here are a few pre-sesion tips for looking your best.

• Hydrate and Rest:

In the few days before your session, be sure to hydrate and get plenty of rest. It sounds basic, but it can make a big difference. Your eyes will look brighter and your skin glows when you are rested and hydrated.

• Hair Care & Prep:

Be sure your hair is how you like it. Do you need a few days after a cut to let the style settle in? What about a roots touch up? Remember to trim and tidy your eyebrows. Men- tidy your beard or do a fresh shave in the morning. Remember to moisturize your skin.

• Choose your outfits:

This is the fun part! This is an opportunity to show off your expression of style and personality. Layers and variety are good for creating different looks. Think about clothes that make you FEEL GOOD IN. Which shirt or jeans give you a little kick in your step? What brings in the compliments when you wear it? Do you have an unusual jacket or hat that you love? Bring it to your session. If you feel really stuck, consult with your photographer for advice or work with a stylist at Nordstrom to bump up your dating wardrobe.

• Attitude:

One of the most important things for your dating photos is a POSITIVE ATTITUDE! Nerves are normal, but remember this is also about you claiming your worthiness and exuding your best traits with an open and friendly mindset. Committing to online dating photos sends a message out to the Universe that: “You are ready to meet someone special.” Your internal attitude, openness and hopefulness generates a look and feeling that is palpable in the photos. As your dating photographer, I can help draw out that internal attitude and make the experience fun and playful.

If you are ready to take the next step in meeting someone special, reach out and let’s talk about how we can create attention grabbing photos for your online dating profile and social media.