Chris Elliot Fundraising Luncheon

I photographed the fundraising luncheon for the Chris Elliot Fund, non-profit organization. Wow!! what an inspiring afternoon! Several speakers shared their personal stories of facing brain cancer and the tremendous support they received from the Chris Elliot Fund. Each speaker mentioned what a tremendous resource the Chris Elliot fund had been to them on their journey. They felt armed with essential information to ask their health provider the right questions for making life-enhancing choices.

“For more than a decade, Chris Elliott Fund has distinctly served as one of the nation’s premier resources dedicated to providing brain tumor patients with crucial patient services and immediate access to advanced treatments and comprehensive support programs. Through our education and awareness events and our call center and advocacy hotline, we are building a network of doctors, patients, survivors, caregivers, loved ones and friends who are passionately dedicated to winning the fight to end brain cancer.”

Photography from this event showcases the event sponsors, honorary speakers and guests. The photographs are helpful for social media campaigns and marketing for future events.

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