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Updating your headshots for business and social media

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Business Headshots | 0 comments

An updated headshot means your online profiles look fresh and are an accurate representation of yourself and your business.

Online profiles are more important that ever- whether for business, social networking, or online dating.  Headshot photography that is a current creates a seamless flow from *seeing* someone online to *meeting* in person or on zoom.  When someone first sees your online profile, they develop a mental relationship and connection based on the image they see.  When you meet in person and if you look vastly different than your online photograph, it can cause a slight disconnect in the ‘relationship’ they had started to form in their head.

Good quality headshot photography sets a tone for congruency and connection.  People feel comfortable that subconsciously, all the dots are connecting. Accurate representation sets a tone for truth and transparency.

Preparing for a headshot photography session takes similar care and attention as if you were preparing for an important meeting or a first date.  You definitely want to look your best – for men: a fresh shave or beard trim, hair cut and styled how you like it, and clothing that you look and feel good in.

During a headshot session, a good photographer will guide you through posing that looks flattering, natural and relaxed.  Nerves are normal, but as the photography session unfolds, you’ll find yourself warming up and feeling more comfortable and relaxed.   The most important thing to do is *relax into your body and let your natural expressions and body language emerge*.  This sometimes takes a bit of nudging or teasing out from your photographer, but most people can find it and that’s where the MAGIC happens.


If it’s time to update your business or social media headshot, reach out.  I’d be happy to talk about creating updated headshots that make you look and FEEL Great!