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Photographer for Fundraising Auction

by | Oct 14, 2023 | Event Photography, Seattle Event Photographer

Celebrating the Wins at A Seattle Fundraising Event

Client: Boys & Girls Club of King County
Location: The Westin Hotel, Downtown Seattle WA

Event Overview: I had the privilege of serving as the event photographer for the Boys & Girls Club of King County’s annual fundraising Gala and Auction in downtown Seattle. Capturing moments at this significant Seattle event has been a consistent part of my portfolio for many years, and it’s a genuine honor to document this remarkable occasion. The festivities commenced at 5 pm when attendees began exploring the enticing silent auction offerings at the Westin Hotel. The lobby was abuzz with excitement as friends and couples gathered to enjoy drinks and celebrate the sense of community and connection. The Gala and Auction is the Boys and Girls Club the preeminent event of the year, providing an outstanding opportunity for the local community to unite and show their support for the Clubs. The evening’s central theme centered on championing the youth and raising awareness about mental health needs in the area. As a Seattle event photographer, I’m thrilled to capture these powerful moments.

700+ guests moved into the large, beautifully decorated ballroom for an evening of high energy bidding on exceptional auction items. Fred Granados was the auctioneer for the evening and he LIT UP the room! Fred brings an unparalleled enthusiasm to the event he keeps the vibes high and helps organizations reach their fundraising goals.

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Thanks to the generosity of attendees, the Boys & Girls Club raised over one million dollars!

Event Photos from the Annual Fundraiser: