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by | Aug 10, 2023 | Headshots

Corporate Retreats Are The Perfect Opportunity for Headshots

Remote work can mean your leadership team and coworkers are spread throughout the state or even the country. Therefore, corporate retreats, conventions, or conferences are a great time and place to update business headshots for your organization.

A corporate retreat can be a great opportunity to update team headshots for several reasons:


  1. Team Cohesion: Corporate retreats often bring team members together in a more relaxed and informal setting. This can help team members feel more comfortable and cooperative, resulting in more natural and friendly-looking headshots.
  2. Professional Environment: Many corporate retreats are held in professional settings, such as hotels or conference centers, which provide a suitable backdrop for professional headshots. This can help project a polished and cohesive image for the company.
  3. Convenience: When the team is already gathered in one location for the retreat, it’s more convenient to schedule a professional photographer to capture headshots. This saves time and minimizes disruption to the work routine.
  4. Consistency: Updating headshots for the entire team at the same time ensures a consistent and unified look for the company’s website, marketing materials, and other promotional efforts. This consistency can reinforce the team’s identity and brand image.
  5. Fresh and Up-to-Date Imagery: As teams grow and change, it’s essential to keep headshots current. A corporate retreat can provide a natural opportunity to capture the most up-to-date and relevant images of the team, which can be particularly important for building trust with clients and partners.
  6. Improved Morale: Being part of a headshot update during a corporate retreat can be a positive and morale-boosting experience for team members. It can make them feel valued and included, contributing to their overall job satisfaction.
  7. Marketing and Branding: High-quality headshots are essential for marketing and branding efforts. Having updated and professional headshots can help companies present a more polished and trustworthy image to clients, investors, and the public.


TendoCom a San Francisco based B2B content agency held their annual business meeting in Seattle this summer and took the opportunity to create fresh, cohesive, professional headshots for their leadership team. Using the backdrop of downtown Seattle I created a set of new business portraits which will be used on the upcoming website redesign.  Prior to the three-day headshot sessions, we discussed creative direction and styling in order to create a cohesive new look for the portraits.  I offered suggestions for business attire that fit well with the business culture of Tendocom.  A corporate retreat offers an ideal context to update team headshots, as it provides a unique opportunity to capture cohesive, up-to-date, and professional images of the team while fostering team bonding and unity. This can have a positive impact on the company’s image and branding efforts.

If your organization needs a new, fresh and consistent look for your company headshots, I can help! Email me for more information and to start a conversation to help you look great online!


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