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Mount Rainier Wedding Ceremony

by | Aug 18, 2023 | Mountain Wedding Photographer

Intimate Summer Wedding in the shadow of Mount Rainier

Client: Rhonda & Dan
Location: Mount Rainier National Park, Paradise

Event Overview: My clients, Rhonda and Dan, are not just your average couple; they are avid and accomplished mountaineers and backpackers. In fact, Dan proposed to Rhonda at the majestic Mount Rainier. So, it was only natural for them to choose the shadow of this Pacific Northwest treasure as the backdrop for their small and intimate wedding ceremony and reception. They entrusted me, an experienced outdoor and mountain wedding photographer, to capture their special moments over the course of two unforgettable days.

The mountain, however, can be quite unpredictable. On the first evening, a thick cloud enveloped the landscape, creating an ethereal atmosphere. We decided to embrace the moodiness of the mist and fog, resulting in some creatively captivating shots. The morning of the wedding brought with it another thick blanket of cloud cover, leaving us a bit apprehensive.


Seattle event photographer, Sky Church
Seattle event photographer, Sky Church

Fortunately, it was as if the mountain itself had a wedding gift for the couple. Just in the nick of time, the sun burned off the clouds, revealing the mountain in all its glory by 11 am. It served as a magnificent and picturesque backdrop for their wedding ceremony along the glacial-fed river. Cheers to the bride and groom for their mountain-inspired union!

If you’re planning a mountain wedding and need an experienced outdoor wedding photographer who is not only skilled in capturing natural beauty but also loves hiking and navigating remote and rugged locations for engagement sessions and small wedding events, look no further. I prioritize quality over quantity, booking only a limited number of intimate wedding events each year. Feel free to email me for more information and to secure your date.

 Photo Gallery of a Mount Rainier Summer Wedding

We absolutely LOVE our wedding photos!!!

Nityia was absolutely fantastic to work with in creating and capturing what we always envisioned our mountain ceremony would be.

All her equipment, skill, experience and suggestions took advantage of every mountain shot opportunity despite any challenging weather, people and even wardrobe changes and props like champagne and ice axes!

She happily accommodated multiple shoot locations, wardrobe changes and multiple family group combinations! She included capturing pictures of our family dinner in the lodge, our late night after party, our early morning dressing and our after ceremony picnic. These pictures captured the even more personal and intimate moments of our celebration!

We are grateful for her creativity and artistic ability in bringing out our playful and relaxed expressions of love and joy. Pure joy and happiness come to me every time I look at our pictures. I’m so thankful that Nityia was there to memorialize the most important day of our life!

Rhonda A.

Nityia was an absolute please to work with and our wedding photos exceeded all my expectations! I really don’t like having my picture taken, but her calm and confident style made the process very comfortable. She always seemed to be in the perfect place to get the shot without ever intruding on the situation. Her communication was wonderful throughout the process. Highly recommended!”

Dan A.