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Chihuly Glass Garden Event Photographer

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Featured, Seattle Event Photographer

Capturing the Moments: Seattle Event Photographer at Venture Into Cures Fundraising Dinner

Client: Tim Durkin & Venture Into Cures
Location: Chihuly Glass Garden,  Seattle WA

Event Overview: The Venture Into Cures fundraising dinner was part of Jill and Eddie Vedder’s immersive 3-day event to benefit the The Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Partnership (EBRP). EBRP is at the forefront of funding research to discover treatments and, ultimately, a cure for EB. This prestigious Summit brought together thought leaders from various fields, including medical research, science, technology, music, art, and the patient community. The setting for the award dinner and auction was nothing short of breathtaking, hosted amidst the stunning Chihuly Glass Garden in Seattle.

It’s always heartwarming to witness individuals using their influence for a noble cause. Eddie Vedder, the renowned singer-songwriter of the iconic rock band Pearl Jam, leveraged his global reach to drive meaningful change within the medical community. Established in 2010, EBRP has played a crucial role in funding 120 research projects, revolutionizing clinical trials. The fundraising dinner was just one facet of their continuous efforts to raise awareness and funds.

During this event, the talented live painting artist, Dave Sharp, graced the occasion by creating two remarkable art pieces, which later became the focal points of the live auction. The evening was punctuated by heartfelt and inspiring speeches from several guest speakers and award recipients.

One of the evening’s standout moments was when Dr. Jean Tang, MD, PhD, accepted an award. Her acceptance speech, filled with incredible wit and humor, charmed the audience, and she even shared her love for karaoke. Much to the delight of the audience, Eddie Vedder joined her on stage to perform a song, adding an unforgettable note to the evening.

As a Seattle event photographer with a passion for capturing the essence of fundraisers, I was honored to be part of this exceptional event, immortalizing the cherished moments and stories that unfolded at the Venture Into Cures fundraising dinner. If you’re seeking a photographer for your next fundraiser in Seattle, do not hesitate to contact me for professional photography services that convey the spirit and impact of your cause.

Seattle event photographer, Sky Church
Seattle event photographer, Sky Church

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