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Tacoma Light Trail Exhibit

by | Jan 5, 2024 | Awards & Updates, Creative

Illuminated Jellyfish: Dancers in the Salish Sea

Event: Tacoma Light Trail 2023/2024
Location: Lauda, 506 South 11th Street, Tacoma

Event Overview: I’m honored to be one of the artists selected to be part of the Tacoma Light Trail 2023/2024.  These backlit underwater photographs offer a glimpse into the mesmerizing world below the surface of the Salish Sea. Hanging over the edge of a canoe during routine summer crab pot checks, I found myself enchanted by the graceful movements of the Egg Yolk Jellyfish (Phacellophora Camtschatica). Their large translucent bells resemble a cracked egg, with long undulating tentacles.

My boyfriend maneuvered the canoe as I scanned the underwater realm for these distinctive blobs. I captured their slow, rhythmic dances as they drifted through the water.

Egg Yolk jellies thrive in the Puget Sound. Their tentacles can reach up to 20 feet in length and serve to entangle their prey of plankton and small fish. Some of these jellies have ‘passengers’ and play host to tiny crabs who hitch a ride on their bell and tentacles, conserving energy as they tag along.

The sting of an Egg Yolk Jellyfish is supposedly mild, fortunately, I don’t have evidence to confirm this.

I wanted to illuminate the ethereal beauty of these underwater dancers and offer a glimpse into the enchanting magic that surrounds us beneath the surface. Many thanks to Steve Nagode for helping me bring my vision to life. Steve’s expertise in crafting these custom frames with LED lighting and assistance with the art installation were invaluable and appreciated.

These Photographs are available for purchase in large metal prints or custom framed with LED lighting, email me for inquiries and pricing.

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