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What to Wear For Online Dating Photos – Men

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Photography Tips | 0 comments

A very common question from men preparing for an online dating photo session is “what do I wear?!”  The answer to this question depends on you and your personal style.


Consider Your Personal Style


A great place to start is to ask yourself what do you feel comfortable wearing? How do you want to present yourself to potential dates?  Are you a super casual or outdoorsy guy, an urban hipster, sharp and stylish, or a mix of a few?   If you can’t pinpoint your style, look in your closet and consider what you’d wear for a first coffee date and then for a date when you want to make a great impression.  What makes you *feel good* and on top of your game when you wear it?

When I’m asked about what to wear to an online dating photo session, I always suggest bringing layers and creating a few different looks from casual to more dressed up.   A nice fitting t-shirt can be a great start, in general avoid distracting logos and shirts that are overly ‘boxy’.  Plaid shirts or a colored button up is another great option.  Choose a nice fitting jacket, hoodie or sport coat…. depending on your personal style.


Don’t Be Afraid of Color


What to wear for onine dating photos - men - adding color portfolio example

Men! Color is an important element of your personal brand and individual style. In preparation for a photo session I suggest to start with the base colors of dark grays, browns, and blues and then consider adding a splash of color to the mix.  If you’re outdoorsy, a bright down jacket can make a bold, eye-catching statement.

In a sea of gray and brown a splash of COLOR can help your online dating photos stand out from the crowd.  Take a peak in your closet and look for rust, maroon, mustard yellow, greens or shades of blue. Plaid shirts are a good place to start for easy color pops, also consider sweaters for interesting color variety. 

If you are feeling stuck, think about a colored neck buff or wool scarf to pair with a solid shirt or colored knit cap or beanie. Sometimes just a small pop of color can make a big difference. In the photo below, I love how the client paired a cool brown jacket with yellow plaid shirt and a touch of accent yellow in the hat. 

Adding a splash of color to online dating profile photos

As your online dating photographer, I intentionally seek out color splashes that make interesting backgrounds for your online dating photos and that coordinate with your clothing choices and overall vibe.  Inspiration can come from street art, building facades, metal, brick, or foliage.  Depending on your personality and style we can work together to make your online dating photos come to life with color, texture and visual interest. 

Adding color through photo location - men's online dating profile photo example

Remember, preparation is key!  Spend some time before your photo session to choose shirts and jackets that you feel good in. Part of our pre-session consultation consists of styling advice so we can make your online dating photos looks great!

Your online dating profile photos should showcase the type of person you are with openness and quality of connection.  What you wear for your online dating photos helps highlight your personality through your photos. The idea is to create sparks of interest and get you noticed on the dating apps! 

Are you ready to take your online dating photos to the next level?  Contact me and let’s talk about making you look and feel GREAT!


What to Wear For Online Dating Photos Men: Dating Photo Examples