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Portfolio Highlight: Lifestyle Photography & Headshots For A Fitness Studio

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Portfolio Highlights | 0 comments

If it’s time to update your website with new business headshots and lifestyle photography, a little planning can go a long way to making a successful photo shoot.

I recently worked with the owner of Pilates Northwest (in Shoreline), Louise Beckley, to create new lifestyle photography and business headshots for her fitness studio’s upcoming website. Here, I’ll share my planning tips for any lifestyle photoshoot with examples from this shoot for Pilates Northwest.


Planning For A Lifestyle Photography Session


STEP ONE for creating branded headshots is to determine the look and feel you are going for.  Is your business casual and relaxed or buttoned up suit and tie.  What is the appropriate attire that your clientele expects when they walk into your business or meet you in person? Take time to consider the style, cut and fabric choices that best represent your brand. You want to put your best foot forward with images that are appropriate for your industry.

For a health and fitness center, athleisure is 100% acceptable attire.  For Pilates Northwest we decided to go with black leggings for consistency and each woman chose a pair of fun exercise socks to mix it up a bit.

STEP TWO is to plan and discuss colors that work for your brand.  If you are creating a new website or have existing brand colors, be very mindful that your clothing choice won’t clash.

For Pilates Northwest, the new studio’s primary colors are burnt orange, brick red, and golden yellow. Secondary colors include dark gray, sage green and lime green.  Not everyone has colors in this unique color palate, so I reminded the client to choose colors that work with the scheme vs clash with it.  I reminded her to consider dark shades of blues, grays, plums and deep red  (vs. hot pink and turquoise).  The colors don’t need to be “matchie- match”, but it is very important to avoid the obvious clashes.

Being in front of the camera can feel nerve wracking and uncomfortable.  A good photographer will help you feel relaxed and natural and offer suggestions for posing that creates a variety of subtle shifts in body language.  If you bring a sense of openness and relaxation, that energy will absolutely translate in the headshot photos.  I often cue clients to sit or stand with a similar body language of chatting with a friend or standing in conversation – ground down in your feet, shift your hips, maybe a subtle shoulder movement or tip of the head. Think about what you do in your natural body stance and do those movements in front of the camera.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!  When you are truly enjoying the process of representing yourself and your business your natural personality and joy will shine through.

If you need to update your lifestyle photography and headshots for a fitness studio website, another business, or for social media, reach out.  I’d be happy to walk you through my process and get you looking GREAT ONLINE!  Cheers! 


 Fitness Studio Lifestyle Photography Session: Headshot Examples