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Railspur – Construction Kickoff, Event Photography

by | May 30, 2023 | Event Photography, Seattle Event Photographer

A milestone celebration at Hotel Westland – Seattle’s First carbon-negative hotel

Client: J. Wade Public Relatons (PR & Social Media Agency for Urban Villages)

Location: Railspur district of Pioneer Square

Event Overview: This construction kick-off event was a gathering of key partners and a milestone moment in the revitalizing of a historic Pioneer Square building. Real estate developer Urban Villages plans to open an environmental conscious hotel in the Railspur “micro-district” named for the railways that once ran through the area. The vision is to create alleyways that will host art, music, and culinary programming. The Hotel Westland will be inside a 1907 building. The new hotel “plans to sequester the carbon it emits and remove additional carbon from the atmosphere, is the second of its kind in the United States, according to its developer.”

Mingling & Media

Jenn Wade, president of J. Wade Public Relations guided the program of opening remarks from Urban Villages’ CEO Grant McCargo and President Jon Buerge. Also on-site were the Aparium Hotel Group, Curioso (Interior Design), The Miller Hull Partnership (Architect), and JTM Constructon (General Contractor). My role as event photographer was to capture key moments of partner mingling and create images for future marketing and social media blasts. Local press were doing media interviews with the key stakeholders. The Seattle Times wrote a cool article about the history, vision, and development of this project. It will be exciting to keep an eye on the developments and revitalizing of this corner of Pioneer Square!

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