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Award Winning Headshots!

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Awards & Updates | 0 comments

I’m thrilled and honored to be a bronze award winner in the Portrait Masters headshot photography competition.

I submitted some of my favorite headshot photos from my client portfolio and can now share my award winning headshots.  I appreciate the acknowledgment and award from the prestigious judging panel of the Portrait Masters headshot photography competition.  One of the primary judging criteria is mastering expression and facilitating connection with the model/clients.   As a photographer, I’m constantly honing the fine nuances of creating a genuine expression, authenticity and sense of connection with my clients.

Another element being judged is composition of the photograph. The aim is to direct the viewer to the subject without distractions.  In general I prefer simple compositions that bring attention to the my subject.  Posing is also key in pulling off a great portrait.  Most people need some guidance to look natural and relaxed in front of the camera.  Typically as the session unfolds, clients loosen up and their genuine energy and personality emerge.

I feel inspired to keep honing my craft, expertise and creativity to produce more award winning headshots… while most importantly, making the people in front of my camera feel relaxed, authentic and absolutely BEAUTIFUL from the inside out and the outside in.  <3.

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Bronze Award Winners Gallery


Award Winning Headshots Example 1 - Nityia Photography
Award Winning Headshots Example 2 - Nityia Photography
Award winning headshots Example 3 - Nityia Photography