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Thomas’ Park Cleanup Event Photography

by | Sep 17, 2022 | Event Photography | 0 comments

Thomas’ English muffins sponsored their annual ‘Leave No Trace” cleanup event at the Sammamish Lake Park.

It was a beautiful early Fall day and a large group of about 50 enthusiastic volunteers showed up to help keep the park clean.  The age range of particpants was 6 years old to 60+. It was wonderful to see so many folks volunteering their time and giving back to the park they love. The group was divided into beach clean-up, weeding and mulching the entry garden, and gnarliest of all, pulling blackberries.  Thomas’ requested a collection of photographs to showcase brand awareness and highlight community volunteerism and participation. These event photographs will be used on social media channels and for internal campaigns.

It was fun to interact with folks and get them excited for photographs. As the event photographer I aimed to capture all elements of story from start to finish.  This included sign-ins, event swag, a large group photos, and participants throughout the day wearing the branded t-shirts.

There is a real value in professional photography for your corporate event. The quality of DSLR photos will ensure your marketing and social media team have excellent images for future promotions. If you have an event coming up, reach out. I’d be happy to talk about highlighting your brand image.