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Fine Art Black & White Photography

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Fine Art Photography | 0 comments

I chose a black and white treatment for these photographs in order to draw attention to the subject and to explore the tonal qualities of the images. It reminds me of the work of Imogen Cunningham. Black and white creates the moodiness I was looking for with this creative project.  These photographs were taken at a mountain lake in the cascades. This is part of an ‘Embodying Nature’ series where I explore our connection to the natural world.

I love how this reflection blurs into a subtle and dreamy nude study. Ripples, textures, and reflections in the water offer an interesting backdrop for the feminine curves and expressive body language.

This is an in-camera double exposure photograph. I was aiming to evoke wind, movement, and flight. Soaring like a bird or moving like the branch of a tree.  The layered effect speaks to multiple layers of selves, our emotions, and how we connect with nature.

If you’d like to explore an expressive Embodiment Nature session, reach out. It’s a wonderful way to experience nature and create beautiful art.